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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  April 25, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 6:00. >> the weather is the big story tonight. unstable conditions right now. they could produce several storms and there is a tornado wang for part of the area tonight. good evening and thanks for joining us, i'm maureen umeh. you're looking live outside. the weather here is hard to predict but out west there is a tornado warning. let's go down to the fox 5 weather center and gwen tolbart to find out exactly what we can expect. >> reporter: a lot of instability in the atmosphere, maureen. we have the same weather system that plowed through the south and hit mississippi that is reaching in our area. let's go right to radar. we'll show you exactly
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what's going on because we do have a tornado warning in effect until 6:15. this includes areas of southern berkeley, northern jefferson, extreme west central frederick and south central washington counties and includes areas near martinsburg and shep herdses town, mole harr crossroads, baker tonight, sharpsville and brownsville. this is a thunderstorm that has the potential to develop into or produce a tornado. it is now located five miles north of ransom or six miles north of charleston moving east at 30 miles per hour. there is a second circulation developing near vanville. three miles south of martinsville's airport. we have a number of cells moving to the north-northeast. if we track this particular storm here you can see the next neighborhoods that it's going to end up hitting are frederick at about 6:13. these storms also have
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capability of producing a lot of hail. i have a phone call from a viewer who told me they are 15 miles from martinsburg and they've seen golf-ball-sized hail in that particular area. these storms are very dangerous. let's go our weather map. if you are in this area, go to an interior room of the lowest level of your home. preferably the basement. if we can take the weather maps up, also to stay away from windows. seek additional protection under solid pieces of furniture and if you happen to be in a mobile home, make sure you go into a solid structure to get protection. the entire area is also currently under a severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00 tonight. and we'll keep you updated on this. back to you, maureen. >> thank you for that. we'll see you in a little bit. mother nature hit the south especially hard and this is the aftermath of a deadly tornado that tore through yesterday, killing at least 10 people.
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the storm struck yazoo city, mississippi leaving a trail of destroyed homes, churches and lives. fox's chris gutierrez is there with more. >> reporter: a tilted cross outside a miss miss church preciped from the foundation by satur tedly tornado. torn hearts mourn the lives taken but church members say their faith is firmly planted. >> we're all saddened, we're all shocked, but jesus is in control. >> reporter: yazoo city in central mississippi was hit the hardest. the twister reportedly packing winds as high as 200 miles per hour. blowing apart homes, tossing cars, and tearing apart this restaurant. >> i thought we had passed. this taught a lesson. you don't have time. >> reporter: several people huddling inside as the tornado lifted off its roof. >> by the time we got in the doors of the restaurant evering was coming in on top of us. >> reporter: more than 15 mississippi counties damaged by the storm's fury. beginning in louisiana. then moving east across
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four states before weakening. governor haley barber touring the damage struck by people's willingness to help. >> it's just remarkable to see the people who pull a four wheeler out of the back of the pickup truck, sling the chainsaw over the back and just ride in where the trucks can't get, where nobody can go. >> reporter: the national guard and emergency crews cyst through the wreckage looking for anyone who may have survived and for those who didn't. neighbors recall how quickly the tornado moved in and what it left behind. >> ran in the house and all i could do to put matted reses over me. >> reporter: yazoo county is the largest county in the state of mississippi. 940 square miles. according to the governor this tornado was on the ground for 40 miles in this county alone. in yazoo city, chris gutierrez, fox news. any time the weather is a threat you can find the forecast at your fingertips. log on to for updates, watches, warnings
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and more 24/7. the power of nature is obvious, but this week has been dedicated to the power of people to help create a healthier earth. that was in full effect on the national mall today. roz plater is there live with the story. >> reporter: apparently mother nature decided her birthday should be rain-free at least for now. as you can hear the concert is still going strong. joss stone just finished. earth day 2010 is a very different event than it was when it started four decades ago. it is now a global movement. the issues are part of our national dialogue and there seems to be a renewed sense of interest. a sea of faces on the national mall to celebrate earth day. and while some here may have been drawn to the musical headliners, long time environmental activists say the message is still
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getting through. >> i just think it's important to show people that we can celebrate earth at the same time as we're saving it because it's not all doom and gloom. there is some good things happening. >> reporter: 40 years at firth earth day teach-in, how much of an impact has it had on us? we put that question to the hennegan family, three generations start. >> i would say the environment has become a lot more important. >> my son is 18 months. i want him to grow up with a a good sense of taking care of the environment and hoping that the world lasts that long for him to grow up. you know? >> reporter: from the stage rally speakers talked about the importance of green jobs. >> green jobs, green jobs now, green jobs now. we can't wait. >> reporter: in this economy, rally goers worry those jobs are headed elsewhere. >> the unfortunate point is that moving toward energy efficiency is also moving our jobs overseas, because our companies are investing
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in advanced technology overseas, not here. ♪ >> reporter: organizers say they're headed in a new direction. >> i'm seeing more of a civic focus this year in the last couple years than i've ever felt. i think the general rule is that people first see something about themselves, do something in their community and eventually they're going to expect their leaders to step up to the plate. >> reporter: long time activists rp encourage aring folks no harness their raw power amped use it at the ballot box. >> you have to find out what somebody is about environmentally before you vote for them. sgb >> reporter: one of the other take home messages is that the green revolution is person by person. they're asking each tern to go home and write down six things they can do overt next year to help save the planet. >> roz plater on the national mall. thank you for that. president obama and vice president biden spent the afternoon in west virginia
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at a memorial for the 29 men killed in the mine explosion there. the president watched as family members placed hard hats on crosses in memory of the victims. investigators still haven't been able to get into the mine in mont coal to find identity exactly what happened. a robber target it had the wrong person. his chosen victim was a police officer. he was off duty when he was held up on old silver hill road in suitland. he fired at the suspect but did not hit him. the robber got away with the money. a fun ride turns wild and dangerous for two kids at a carnival. wait until you hear what happened at this ride that left them dangling in midair. a firestorm tonight over a new law that lets police officers in one state ask if you are a legal immigrant or not. stay right where you are. we are coming right back. fors force 
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take a look at this huge fire in the philippines. it destroyed what's left of ashanti town leaving thousands of people homeless. it took 200 fire trucks to put out the fire that burned about 300 homes. two people are missing. officials say the homeless will have to stay at a school or basketball court until they can find a new place to live. a new law in arizona is prompting a swarm of controversy. will it allow racial profiling or fight illegal immigration? fox's nicole collins explains what could happen now. >> reporter: some democrats here in washington are now calling for immigration reform at the federal level
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to supersede other legislation. a draft energy bill was slated for release tomorrow but has been postponed because democrats are trying to move immigration to the forefront. the top senate republican says congress needs to keep its focus on the economy. >> it strikes me with all the border security problems we have down there, they're worse than three years ago. with 10% unemployment it's not a great time to take this issue up in washington. >> reporter: whether congress acts or not the courts will see some action on this. opponents plan to challenge it as an unconstitutional intrusion on federal authority and a violation of civil rights. >> we will go to court with others to stop the enforcement or even implementation of this unconstitutional and destructive bill. >> it reverses the presumption on a crime that now everyone has to show and prove that they're a legal resident or citizen and that just goes against both the constitution and the fundamental fairness. >> reporter: the past week has been peppered with
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protests, some pretty confrontational, with demonstrators saying the arizona law could lead to racial profiling because it gives police officers the authority to ask about immigration status if they have a quote reasonable suspicion that a person is undocumented. some say that could lead to people being pulled over or confronted because of how they look. reporters say the federal government hasn't done enough to secure the border and want something done about increased drug violence there. in washington, nicole collins, fox news. mexican police calderan says the law is not going to help arizona in his country solve border problems. a hometown boy makes good and his performance on the pitcher's mound could get credit for turning around the town's economy. and we are keeping an eye on the weather. gwen is coming basketball with the full forecast on the other side of this break.
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ck with the full forecast on the other side of this break. fun turned to fright for two young girls at an ohio amusement park. the 10 and 11-year-olds were riding the sky diver when something went wrong. once the ride took off the girls fell out of their seats and were left clinging to the cage 75 feet in the air. an attendant allegedly did not fasten them in properly. >> it was broke or came out. the rides had all been inspected just wednesday. and everything had passed. >> i know they're being inspected. i'm sure it was just
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something fluke and they'll be -- the ride will be safe for my kids to get on it. >> the girls suffered fractured ankles and several bumps and bruises. the ride has been shut down for further investigation. high seas are forcing a delay in the cleanup of an oil leak in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard policed as much as $42,000 of oil is leaking into the oil every day. it has the potential of threatening the louisiana and florida coasts but they say it is too early to know for sure. let's check in with gwen tolbart who has been tracking some storms coming to the area. what is the latest? >> reporter: we have a tornado warning in effect which is expiring at a 6:15 but that same area is under severe thunderstorm warnings so i want to go to radar and show you exactly what is happening. and just where all those strong storms are as you can see. now, areas that have been affected through in include near martinsburg as well as shep herds town and this
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has included south central washington county and north central maryland as well as west central frederick county and north jefferson count in the western virginia panhandle. this entire area as well as southern beckly county so doppler radar indicated extremely tropical storm torngz. these areas are under a severe thunderstorm warning. that is still in effect. and that is going thoeks pier as well. our entire viewing area however is under a under a severe thunderstorm watch. we've had extremely unstable atmosphere that has continued into the course of today and it will continue into the course of tonight as well. and that's why we're keeping a very close eye on all of this. and if you take a look right here on the map, you're going to -- i'm going to put a storm track on here and you'll be able to see where the storm is heading its way to and what are the next communities that are going to be affected. the storm is pretty strong. we've had a phone call where someone indicated that they had already seen
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golf ball, ping-pong sized hail up to golf-ball-sized hail. i'm trying to get this storm track up here for you. so that's a pretty good indication of just how strong these storms are. into this area. this doesn't want to take for me so let me just get over here. now, in terms of these storms because they have had tornadic properties let's go to our weather maps and we'll give you a few tips and what you have to remember. if you have hear you're under a tornado warning, go to an interior room, the lowest level such as the basement. stay away from windows and try to seek additional protection under heavy pieces of solid furniture. the entire area has been under a slight risk of weather for the entire day as well as last evening. this is the same system that plowed through mississippi, the same one that created all the problems in the midsection of the country and this stretches all the way down through to florida. we are really under the gun tonight so we have to watch this very closely and we'll definitely keep you up-to-date and break in if there's any other updates. future cast is showing us into monday we're still
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going to be dealing with this wet weather lingering through. the system that's associated with it is a frontal system that's actually going nobody quasi-stationary to the north of us and slide its way down to the south. low pressure system is going to move through on monday and leave us with showers on monday in the morning and a chance of storms by the time we hit the afternoon hours. that's what we're dealing w so the chance of storms into tonight, they'll start to wayne down once we get into the overnight hours but we're back into the juice of things again tomorrow. not quite as bad tomorrow. look like if anything the thunderstorms apps i said will be into the afternoon hours. temperatures playing a big part. the atmosphere very warm. moist, and very unstable. and that's only adding fuel to the fire when we get some sunshine today, everybody was glad we saw bright skies but that is part of the problem. colder air behind all this is going to start to filter in. we're going to get a temperature drop and before we know it we're going to see a change in the middle of the week to beginning of the week where things will start to warm up again. wind gusts associated with
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all this. 24 miles per hour wind gusts in dc. severe thunderstorm watch until 11:00 tonight. some of the storms possibly severe. if you look at your five-day forecast you'll see here's where we start to improve but we definitely have big issues tonight and we'll stay on top of it, maureen. >> thank you for that. the nation is remembering the life of door any height, the civil rights pioneer passed way this week at the age of 97. a special celebration was held at union temple baptist church. on tuesday, height will lie in repose at the national council for negro women. the funeral and burial will be at fort lincoln cemetery in maryland. dr. height started her work early and that's the hope for a group of young people celebrated on capital hill. this is the luncheon for the michael walton association. it encourages young women to continue as pillars for their community. allison seymour was mistress of ceremonies today. >> reporter: prince georges
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county people got up and involved in the kidney walk. it started in a mall at prince georges but it wasn't just a walk. it was also an education about kidney disease for adults and kids alike. with a little fun thrown in for good measure. >> he's a national $15 million arm. whiz keys steven strasburg is proving a wise investment. not only is he boosting the number of baseball fans but boosting the economy. laura evans takes a closer look. >> reporter: steven straussburg is arguably the most talented pitching prospect of all time according to sports columnists. >> i see a future major league player. it's awesome. >> reporter: the 21-year-old is first overall pick in the baseball draft by the washington nationals with a fast ball clocked as high as 102 miles per hour. >> they say he comes around once in a lifetime. >> reporter: it seems to be a renaldo wynn for the owner of the -- win/win for the owner of the harrisburg senators, the
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citians fans. >> knowing he was a pick in the draft for the national it's a big deal. >> reporter: a record crowd of harrisburg senators and steven strasburg fans waited through a two-hour rain delay followed by a 20 minute power outage to see strasburg pitch last week in his first home game. >> season ticket sales are great. a big up swing from last year. our group sales for picnics are way ahead of where we were last year. >> reporter: with the up swing and crowds flocking into town the mayor is hoping that will mean more bucks spent on the local economy. >> hopefully at the end of the day people empty into our streets and support our local businesses in terms of dining and a entertainment in the evening. >> reporter: residents are ocht mystic. >> it will bring people to come in and experience harrisburg maybe for the first time. >> economy is not so good right now and i any more al and just feeling good about things is going to help. >> reporter: helping the economy can be fun too. >> affordable entertainment for a family, people bring their kidsto and ye bank doing it. especially in these times
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that's pretty important. >> $2 beers. >> reporter: in harrisburg, pennsylvania, laura evans, fox news. nets fans don't worry. expect steven strasburg to take the pitcher's mound in june at national park. the cavs weren't able to close things out on friday. one of the biggest questions is when will a top scorer break out of the funk? dave feldman up next with sports. rnndeais mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder. as if it wasn't enough to make it with a full third pound... of 100% angus beef, they had the audacity to use a bakery-style bun...
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and crinkle cut the pickles. there's no denying it, that's a third strip of bacon. have they no shame! angus axiom #39: it's an embarrassment of riches. the astonishing angus third pounders. all angus. all mcdonald's. ♪ ba da ba ba ba good evening, i'm dave feldman. talk about an emotional roller coaster.
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after game one the caps were in trouble. after game four, the senior i was over. caps' favor. game five, not so fast. game six tomorrow in montreal. alexander semin netted 40 goals in 43 regular season games with you post-season has failed to find the net in five play off games against the canadiens and has not scored a goal in the last 12 post-season games. he took the ice for practice before heading to montreal for game six. his v his teammates believe he'll break out sooner than later. >> he's increasingly the most dangerous player on the ice the longer he goes without a goal. >> good players, you can't holdback forever. they eventually break. he has 40 goals scored in 70 some games sow keeps shooting and doing the things he's doing, pucks will go in and once he gets one you'll see two, three, four. he just is that right going. >> reporter: i like it that
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laich things he's dangerous. the received skins draft ed the big left tackle to protect "the blind side" of donovan mcnabb. those are your headlines after a busy weekend for the washington redskins. four weeks ago the skins made a big off scene splash acquiring donovan mcnabb from the eagles. this past thursday the redskins filled one of their biggest needs by drafting oklahoma left tackle trent williams with the fourth over awful pick. the redskins chose five evens i have players. the loan -- owe fins o'fence offensive players. they also acquires adam carriker. >> we made some strides. we're not done yet. we'll still be looking over
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obviously the wire relative to free agency and get a chance to evaluate our football team a little bit more in the next mini-camp. it's a day to day process. we're going to keep trying to get better so we can do the things that we are capable of doing and that's our ultimate goal. >> reporter: nationals left handed pitcher scott olsen entered with an 0-1 record and earned run average of 11.74. nats fans were hoping his third start would be a charlotte-mecklenburg as washington concluded its ten game home stand against the dodgers. olsen in total command. lefty went 7 scoreless innings, allowed six hits, striking out eight dodgers, registered stefan strike-outs through five innings. his best since last year. top of the #th, nats lead 1-0. when rafael forcarle. lock at josh willingham. he earned a standing ovation for the cash from willie harris. stand up because that's a nice catch. still 1-0. dodgers with a run on
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second. ronnie belliard with a flare to rightfield. justin maxwell comes in with a clutch catch. mad caps earns his eighth save. they shot out the dodgers 1-0. go 6 and 4 on the homestead. birds lead 5-4. matt we'ders with a base hit. that scores two runs and proved to be the game winning hit. the orioles edged the red sox 7-6 and ending a 10-game losing streak to boston. #0ez are 3-16. nascar at talladega. kevin harvick on the inside battling jamie mcmurray, wins by 11/1,000 of a second and won a 15-race drought. the caps will closeout the series tomorrow night in montreal. we want to check in one last time with gwen.
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severe storms brewing. let's look at radar. the entire area under a severe thunderstorm watch and severe thunderstorm warning for central morgan, central frederick, central washington, berkeley and northern jefferson. we'll stay on top of it and let you know as the night progresses of any changes we're back tonight at 10:00 and "news edge" at 11:00. we'll be back. bye-bye.  
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